10 Jan 14
Consortium 2014

A great idea starts in a great mind. However, the successful execution of this idea takes alot of people and managing so many people in turn just takes one person - A GREAT ENTREPRENEUR. There is one within us too and here is a festival to let it come to the fore. VNIT nagpur has always been the force-front of technological advancements in various fields of science and engineering, thus fulfilling primary aim. But being a dynamic unit of a changing era, it has kept pace with the times. In its endevour to scale further heights, it has hosted contry's only entrepreneurship conference- CONSORTIUM' 14 - in a technological institute.

So get ready to immerse yourself into this ceaseless world of money and enjoy the pleasures of profits while sharing the satisfaction of a successful strategy.

Discussion: Start up Ecosystem in India

Mrs. Anita Chapekar -Bhinge(Panelist): Owner and Principal Architect at spacetech,pune(maharashtra), a firm which has successfully handled over 300 multifarious projects. Alumnus of Harvard University Graduate School of Design, USA; Kansai Keshu Centre, Osaka, Japan and Sir J.J college of Architecture, Mumbai, India.

Mr.Paras Shah (Panelist): Co-Founder and Director at KAMAP Consultancy Private Limited KPM & Co. working closely with SME/ MSME Entrepreneurs and Tech start up in assisting and mentoring them in areas of Finance, Tax and Legal compliance. Over the years he has gained avid knowledge and experience in areas relating to Finance, Audit and Assurance, Valvuations and Domestic taxation.

Dr. Smita Dabholkar (Moderator): Assistant professor at Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur and chairperson of Corporate Communication community. She is  the authoress of coffee -table motivational book titled , "Bury your cant. Why ask for job? Why not create one".

Mr. Hemant Apte (Panelist)

20 Dec 13
Society Interiours

21 May 13
Realty projects reel under building supplies' crunch

PUNE: The stir against local body tax may have been called off, but it has derailed delivery schedules of several under-construction projects in the city, as it hit supplies of material ranging from brick, cement, plywood, laminate, marble and tiles to fixtures and upholstery and even adhesive, hinges and nails.

Builders, project developers and even architects and interior designers complain that their work has come to a complete standstill due to shortage of not just supplies, but also workers, including fabricators, carpenters, electricians and plumbers, who have left the city for their hometowns.

Managers of real estate projects and interior designers said they had missed their delivery deadlines and that even with the stir being called off, it would take them time to set their house in order. Architect Anita Bhinge said work at five sites had been affected for the last 10 days because of shortage of raw material.

"It is difficult to buy everything in bulk, and I ran out supplies in the first three days of the strike," she said, adding that she feared her client would levy a late-delivery penalty as her work had been pushed back by at least two weeks

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